Inclusion4all is able to provide schools and pre-schools with a tailor-made training package. Different types of training can be given, ranging from a one hour workshop to a full day’s in-service course. All sessions are interactive and all include practical strategies for the classroom. Training sessions  can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of teaching staff, teaching assistants or learning support assistants.

Some of the subjects that I have presented on recently include:

  • Inclusion – what does it mean? How can our school become more inclusive?
  • An introduction to autistic spectrum disorder.
  • An introduction to attention deficit disorder.
  • An introduction to dyscalculia.
  • An introduction to dyspraxia.
  • An introduction to selective mutism.
  • An introduction to language diffiiculties in young children.
  • Understanding executive functions and impact in the classroom when these are not functioning optimally
  • Understanding and managing tricky behaviour in the under 7’s
  • SEN or something else? What should teachers consider before starting the diagnostic process with other professionals?

Inclusion4all is also available to present parent workshops on additional educational needs.

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