If your child has not been developing as expected, hearing the news that your child may be ‘on the spectrum’ is likely to produce more questions rather answers.

You might have some questions like: ‘Why did this happen to my child?’, ‘What is going on in my child’s head?’, ‘Why does he/she react in a certain way?’, ‘How do I deal with my child’s behaviour?’. You may be hearing new abbreviations like ASD, ASS, ABA, PRT, PECS and you may be faced with having to accept that ‘ASD’ is now a part of your child’s life and of your life, before you even understand what it means.

We see you. We understand that this is a terribly confusing time. We also know that, after the initial shock, you want to provide the best possible support for your child and that you are ready to fight for your child, but that you may not know where to start.

Why not start here? Start with the Autism Parent Support Programme.

During this 8-week parent support group in English, designed and presented together with Jet Sichterman of Embracing Horizons and Ekaterina Evdokimova of PsyCompass, we will cover a number of topics that you may be facing with your child.  Additionally, within the safe atmosphere of the group, you will be able to explore what it means to be a parent with a child on the spectrum, how it affects you and your family and how it affects other families. You will find support from the other families going through similar experiences and have the opportunity to offer support to them too.

There are 8  sessions in the programme:

 Session 1: What is autism and what causes it? What does this mean for the development of my child? What might the future hold?
 Session2: Theories of autism. What interventions and therapies are available? How do I choose the therapy that is right for my child?
Session 3:  How can I be a ‘good’ parent to my child? How can I support my child’s development and learning at home?
Session4:  What (financial) support is available to children and parents in the Dutch and expat community? What is a PGB?
Session 5:  How do I choose the ‘right’ school for my child? What resources do schools have? What do I do if it goes wrong at school?
Session 6:  What toys and tools should I invest in? Do I encourage specific interests? What about hypersensitivity to food, clothes, smells, environments?
Session 7:  What do I tell others about my child? Parenting a child with autism can be tough – how do I look after myself?
 Session 8:  Specific questions from the group


Dates and times are still to be arranged for 2021


The course is held in THe Hague.


The cost for the 2021 programme is €485 per family. Both parents may attend.
The cost may be covered by your PGB allowance or international health insurance. Contact us if you require more information about this.


Send a message via contact page here if you have any questions about the Programme.

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