Parent Coffee Meetings

I host two monthly meet-ups for parents: one is for parents of children with any sort of learning or developmental ‘difference’ and the other is specifically for parents of children with challenges related to the autistic spectrum.

These meet-ups are a chance for parents to share their joys and frustrations with other parents who understand. The meet-ups also give opportunities for parents to share resources and ideas, ask questions and give each other tips. Most of all, they are an opportunity to relax, have a coffee and chat to other parents.

The language of the groups is English and the meetings are intended for international families in The Netherlands. Dutch international families are also welcome!

The meet-ups are informal, with no training or organised themes. Parents are welcome to bring their children, as there is also a play corner.

The general meet-ups take place every 4th Wednesday of the month and the meet-ups for parents of children with autism is held on the second Monday of every month. You are welcome to drop-in between 9.30 – 11.30.

More information about the general Wednesday meetings can be found here

More information about the Monday autism-focus meetings can be found here