There is a worldwide move towards more inclusive educational settings and it can be a challenge for  international schools to respond to individual student’s needs without the professional support services that they would have access to ‘back home’. In addition, international schools have a constantly changing population of staff and students, so training in understanding special educational needs often needs to be repeated regularly. Overseas courses can be expensive and may not always be appropriate to the international setting and may not give answers to staff about the students in their classes.


Inclusion4all is able to provide you with a tailor-made training package for your pre-school or school. Different types of training can be given, ranging from a one hour workshop to a full day’s in-service course. All sessions are interactive and all include practical strategies for the classroom. Training sessions  can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of teaching staff, teaching assistants or learning support assistants.

Some of the subjects that I have recently presented on include:

  • Inclusion – what does it mean? How can our school become more inclusive?
  • An introduction to autistic spectrum disorder.
  • An introduction to attention deficit disorder.
  • An introduction to language difficulties in young children.
  • Understanding and managing tricky behaviour in the under 7’s
  • Understanding and supporting students with selective mutism
  • SEN or something else – what should teachers consider before starting down the diagnostic process?


Perhaps you have several students in your class whose progress or behaviour concern you. Maybe you are unsure whether you should advise the students’ parents to take them for formal assessments. Inclusion4all  offers a consultation service which includes observations in your class followed by an after-school meeting to discuss what has been observed. A written report can also be made with recommendations for follow-up. It is also possible to agree feedback meetings with parents.


Learning Support staff are often very busy people and time to do detailed observations in classrooms and carry out standardised academic testing may be limited. Inclusion4all is able to offer an assessment service which includes testing individual children’s skills in reading, writing, spelling and maths and classroom observations. This assessment service is complementary to assessments carried out by psychologists and will help provide schools with an intervention plan.  A detailed report of the assessment results will be presented, along with practical strategies for implementation in school and home. Helen Claus is listed in the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) Register of Qualifications in Test Use. please note that parental permission will need to be sought before any formal assessment can take place.

Support of individual students

Inclusion4all is able to offer some specialised teaching in schools of individual students, for example in the areas of reading, writing, spelling and mathematics. This support can be given inidividually or in groups. This service has been offered in several international schools in The Netherlands and was funded through an ‘arrangement’ from the ‘samenwerkingsverband’ (Education Board). Because Inclusion4all is listed in the CRBKO register as an indepent teacher, it is possible that teaching sessions given in school may be exempt from BTW tax.

Please contact me for more information and a bespoke package.