Inclusion4all is a consultancy service based in The Hague area and serving the international community in The Netherlands and further afield.

Inclusion4all specialises in educational advice for children with additional needs or disabilities.

I am passionately committed to developing environments where all children feel welcome. This includes helping schools to review their philosophy of inclusion, examine their practices and improve their knowledge and skills in meeting the needs of students with additional needs in their classrooms.

I believe that teamwork is the most effective way to meet children’s needs and I work with professionals from a range of professional backgrounds to provide schools and families with the best possible advice.

I believe that parents have the right to choose the least restrictive learning environment for their children. They also have the right to select high quality education for their children. International families may need help finding their way to these resources and Inclusion4all is pleased to be able to offer assistance to English-speaking families in The Netherlands.